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Diane Young by Vampire Weekend

You are the face of this
                                      r e v o l u t i o n.


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The entire Internet when Miss America misspelled Jane Austen’s name.


I can’t.

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Rostam Batmanglij

—Upper West Side, 1982


Upper West Side, 1982 - Rostam Batmanglij (Music from This Is Our Youth)

" Dennis Ziegler, 21 years old 
Warren Straub, 19 years old 
Jessica Goldman, 19 years old 

The play takes place in Dennis’s one-room apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The time is late March, 1982.”

…reads the first page of Kenneth Lonergan’s script for This Is Our Youth. As soon as I read it I thought about myself at that age, I had just moved to upper Manhattan to go to school. A bunch of my time in that period of my life was spent studying piano, and the piano’s this instrument you can find in apartment buildings throughout New York. So it was important for me to write something that could realistically be heard coming down the hall— maybe from an apartment next door to Dennis’s. And it was also important to me that there be a bit of the feeling that a person has maybe come home late at night, in a somewhat altered state, and they sit down at a piano and this is what comes out of them and it’s never existed before. -Rostam Batmanglij (via Pitchfork)